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Frequently asked questions for International Volunteers

1. What is my financial responsibility as a volunteer?
          Child Care Foundation offers an exquisite volunteer program that enables you to work with various volunteers from different countries of the World, share experiences with the kids while enjoying the green environment and natural ecosystems only found in Uganda- The pearl of Africa. As a volunteer you will pay the following fees for your accomodation and travel expenses:

Volunteer Fees:

 1 week -  60  Euros ( accommodation, meals and travel)

 4 weeks - 200 Euros ( accommodation  meals and travel)


2. How long is the commitment?
Volunteers' standard programs are as follow:

a) Short Term Volunteer: ( 1- 4 weeks)

b) Medium term Volunteer program ( 2 – 8 weeks)

c) Long Term Volunteer Program ( 2 months and above).

3. When should I apply?
You should apply approximately 1month prior to your departure so that we make preparations in time.

4. Where do volunteers live?

Volunteers stay in our spacious apartment located in Seeta near Mukono. The apartment is a  clean, tidy and standard suite with a bedroom, dining room , living room, store, kitchen, reading room and shower rooms all made for your own comfort.

5.Do Volunteers receive stipends for their services?

CCF doesn’t offer stipends to it’s volunteers due to it’s small resource base.

6.Is volunteering safe in Uganda?
Volunteering is very safe in Uganda, the temperatures are moderate, security is fine and the warmth of the local people is spectacular.

7. What makes a successful volunteer?
Successful volunteers are cooperative, flexible and patient. They have strong work ethics and are able to adapt to multi-cultural environments. CCF volunteers work with staff and volunteers from around the world. They are respectful to their host country, it's culture and have positive attitudes to share with the children.



8. Who Picks me from the Airport?

 CCF is fully responsible for picking you from Entebbe International Airport to our apartments in Seeta, then our team guides you throughout the volunteering process.

9 Where do I start from?

a} Get a valid Passport.

b} A Ugandan Visa from The Ugandan Embassy/Consulate in your Country or contact your own Consulate to better know the procedure.

c} An Air Ticket to Uganda. Most of our volunteers use Egypt Air because it’s cheap, but the overall choice remains yours.

d} A bag of clothes for you to use during your stay in Uganda . Come with light clothes, jeans and a jacket.

- Feel free to contact us by using our email address [email protected] for further information. 

 What makes Uganda special?

Uganda is very secure, it's the only Country in Africa where you travel and walk freely from dwn to dusk without any disturbances. besides that, Ugandans are known for their hospitality and friendliness.

Uganda is a beautiful green Country, a home of natural forests, rivers, lakes and streams. It's natural sites like the Source of River Nile, Bujagali Falls, Murchison falls, and Lake Victoria are adquate sites for holidays, water rafting and camping. Mountains like Rwenzori, Elgon, muhavura also provide spectacular views and mountaineering activities. National parks like Bwindi Impenetrable park provide you with rear animal species like the Mountain Gorrilas, Lions, Buffallos, Giraffes, Zebras and rear birds like the sitatunga.

For those preferings hanging out at night, night spots like Angenoir, Club Silk,  Michelles' and Rouge are great places for dancing. For live music enthusiasts, Club Obligatto with the famous Afrigo  Band is the place to be. For those who prefer traditional music and dance, Ndere Center in Kisaasi is the place to go. Generally Uganda is an exciting place to visit and always gives a lasting impression.


 For more Information about Volunteering, contact:

Mr Kiwalabye Ronald on [email protected]  or phone, +256-774-973127

Mr Matteo Di Battista on [email protected] or phone, +44 7968337043 




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