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  CCF Opens New Center in  Seeta and Jinja:

  As we continue to grow, we have decided to extend to new unreached areas of Uganda in order to help vulnerable  children gain  access to our services. In August 2013, we opened a new center in Jinja- the source of River Nile while the Seeta Center was officially opened in September 2012. We are so grateful to all our sponsors, parents and well wishers.

Youth Non Formal Training starts at CCF:

 Child Care Foundation started the youth non formal training program in Kamuli aimed at equipping youth with technical skills. The program which is supported by the ministry of Education and Sports is in line with the Government of Uganda’s BTVET Act which seeks to inculcate vocational training into Uganda’s curriculum to make young people fit into the job market. The program which started in May 2011 focuses on 2 modules, that is, Decoration and Design and Creative Art. Trainees learn  Art and Design ( making Sign Posts)  Tie and Dye ( making cloth designs), wedding decoration and floral arrangement.   The program enrolled 50 youth and women from Kamuli Parish.

    Brick Making Project Starts:

 The Chinese have a proverb that says, ‘the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”.  The management and staff of CCF embarked on a Brick making project not only to make bricks for building the school  but also as an initiative of raising the much needed funds for constructing the school in Kamuli. The first phase of the project targets 80,000  bricks for production and the second phase will target over 100,00 bricks.

To help or to  volunteer with the brick making project, contact Ronnie  on, [email protected] or give us a call on, +256-774-973127


CCF Home gets facelift:

In order to improve our services we offer to the children and our volunteers, since july 2010, we embarked on the renovation of  the Child Care Foundation Home. The Home now looks exquisite with spacious living rooms and bedrooms, with windows overlooking the green gardens. The home can now accommodate over 20 guests. Our volunteers now have a paradise to look up to whenever they visit Child Care Foundation.

The number of volunteers visiting Child Care Foundation has been on the rise since the beginning of this year, and yet it’s our vision not to bother our volunteers with accommodation costs. For this reason the new flashy CCF Home will offer excellent accommodation services to all our volunteers and interns.

Volunteers from China and Taiwan Visit CCF:

On the  12th of August  2010, Child Care Foundation received a team of volunteers from China and Taiwan who came not only to spend their time with our children, but also help with the Organization’s Women Project in Kamuli .

Mr. Chieng Gino, Miss Sarah both from Taiwan, Mr. Kevin and Miss lee from China  visited the CCF Home in Kamuli and engaged in several volunteer activities like, digging the school garden, brick making, and the kids’ volleyball program The Volunteers not only brainstormed with the local farmers on ways of alleviating poverty, but also went a step further by linking the women farmers of the Organization with Family Business International, which came and organized a workshop in Kamuli Village , teaching farmers on the most effective strategies of marketing their produce.

Overall, the Volunteers not only helped in teaching the women modern Piggery farming, but also tackled the important aspect of changing rural women’s perceptions and attitudes all geared towards enhancing vibrancy, dynamism, innovativeness and pragmatism


  Land for the Organization Secured:

Since it's inception in 2006, CC F has been operating on rented  premises , but on 14th November 2009, Child Care Foundation Uganda achieved yet another milestone when it secured it's own land.


The Child Care Foundation '' Home Base'' as it is popularly called by our kids will from now onwards act as the new  Child Care Foundation home on which a modern School complex for the children is going to be built. The organization also plans to build a modern childrens' village on the premises. The efforts of our Patron Mrs Vasiliki Betty and our Financial administrator Mr Spiros Serakis who organized an Exhibition in Greece, plus the generous support of our volunteers made it possible for us to secure funds for purchasing the land.


  Youth Against Aids Tournament Completed:

 In a bid to fight the spread of Hiv / Aids amongst youths in Uganda, Child Care Foudation came up with a Soccer Tournament called Youth Against Aids, which brought together 8 Youth football teams from different regions of Uganda competing in this annual event.

On  6th march 2010 the Tournament came to it's final conclusion with Buzimba Football Club emerging Champions beating Super Heroes United on penalties 4- 3.

The Tournament which was well attended by Youths from both Wakiso and Kampala District for the first time brought hundreds of Youths together in Kamuli for a common cause - fighting the rampant killer- Aids. The Tournament will be organised annually. 



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